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M’sians & Singaporeans Weigh In On The ‘Chicken Rice Crisis’ That Is Pecking At Their Patience

today3 June 2022


source: Lifestyle Asia Singapore

“Frozen chicken? You expect us to cook chicken rice using frozen chicken? It will not taste good.

“If that’s the case and you’re happy with that kind of quality, you might as well go to Malaysia and eat chicken rice there lah.”

According to CNN, this is what Singaporean hawker Madam Tong had to say regarding the country’s latest struggle – the ‘chicken rice crisis’, a result of an export ban placed on chicken products in Malaysia.

source: Johor Kaki

Rising feed costs caused chicken prices to surge in a sudden manner, prompting retailers to carefully ration and curb sales accordingly.

The final batch of live chickens arrived in Singapore on Tuesday, a day before the export restriction officially came into effect.

Citizens throughout the country, where chicken rice is considered a national dish, are now preparing to face the newfound shortage, which is expected to prevail…

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Written by: Lara Lee

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