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Mum Avoids Steam Iron, Haunted By Son’s Torturous 2017 Death

today4 January 2024


steam iron
source: Harian Metro

In a heart-wrenching tragedy that unfolded six years ago, Zulfarhan Osman, a 21-year-old college student, met a gruesome demise, tortured to death with a steam iron.

This occurred when a group of students had accused him of stealing a laptop. When he denied the allegations, Zulfarhan was reportedly beaten up and tortured with a steam iron, rubber pipe, clothes hanger, and belt.

The perpetrators, six in total, were sentenced to 18 years in prison in late 2021. Harian Metro reports that Zulfarhan’s family, particularly his mother, Hawa, continues to grapple with the unimaginable loss.

steam iron
source: Berita Harian

The grief-stricken mother finds even simple tasks challenging, as the murder weapon, a steam iron, has become a painful reminder of the torture endured by her eldest child. The trauma runs so deep that the family can’t bear to use it, paralysed by memories of Zulfarhan’s death.

In 2021, Sinar Harian

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Written by: Lara Kramer