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Muslim Preacher Says Nasi Lemak Is Jewish Conspiracy & Part Of Illuminati’s Plan To Corrupt Muslims

today12 January 2022


There were several conspiracy theories about the Illuminati and the organisation’s symbol, the Eye of Providence that are going around, but none of them have solid evidence to prove it.

Recently, a conspiracy theory was introduced by a Muslim preacher, Ustad Harun Jalil as he claimed that nasi lemak wrapped in a triangle resembles Illuminati’s Eye of Providence.

Yeah, you read that right.

The Hiburan Netizen Facebook page recently shared a screenshot of one of Ustad Harun Jalil’s posts, where he warned the Malaysians against eating triangle-packet nasi lemaks.

“Whose idea was it to make triangle-shaped nasi lemaks? Think about it”, the preacher wrote.

He then linked these banana leaf packet nasi lemaks to the Illuminati, while claiming that it is a Jewish conspiracy to damaged the faith of the people.

“The nasi lemak package is a symbol of the illuminati. It is a Jewish conspiracy to damage the faith of those…

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Written by: Quinny Tan

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