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Mutton Prices Set To Rise During Festive Season Due To Lack Of Farmers Rearing Goats

today28 July 2022


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With the national inflation and costs for essential goods soaring, it’s inevitable that mutton, too, will eventually be subject to a price revision.

Yesterday, the Star reported that a lack of farmers rearing goats was the main cause behind our now limited supply of mutton.

As of today, 1kg of mutton costs RM65, but mutton sellers believe that the price will rise along with the demand during the Deepavali festive season. The Malaysian Indian Restaurant Owners Association also confirmed that the meat may rise up to RM10 within the next few months, with the ceiling price set at RM75 per kg.

81-year-old mutton seller Abdul Kader Mohd Hasan said, β€œThere is a decline in local mutton production because fewer local farmers are rearing goats.

β€œI’m presently selling imported mutton and lamb at a lower price than local mutton.

β€œA kg of imported mutton from New Zealand and Australia costs RM55 and is popular…

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Written by: Lara Lee