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‘Nasi Paku’ Trend Sends Child To The Hospital In Need of Surgery, Restaurant Switches To Rubber Band

today7 January 2022


Lebih 10 tahun guna paku, peniaga akur beralih guna getah
source: Sinar Harian

Nowadays, there are so many restaurants and cafes available for us to choose from that it becomes somewhat of a hassle to decide where to eat.

With the prevalence of food vlogs on TikTok, it seems like some of these eateries resort to having a USP or possibly even a gimmick to stand out amongst the rest.

But the one gimmick that is completely unwelcome is the use of nails instead of rubber bands to wrap the food together.

Unfortunately, at Nasi Sumatera Haji Ismail, they’ve been using nails to seal the packaging of their food for 10 years now, as it was apparently their tradition.

In terms of cost, it was far pricier to use the nails (RM80 a pack) rather than the typical rubber band (RM8 a pack) so in reality, the only reason they kept up the tradition despite the obvious safety hazard was because it was their “trademark.”

According to the shop’s helper Mohammad Faizol Ramli, 27, their customers…

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Written by: Ameera Rosli

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