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Netflix To Release 23 Original Films in 2023 & There’s Something For Everyone!

today19 January 2023


source: What’s On Netflix

Get your popcorn ready, folks! Netflix announced that they will be releasing more than 23 original films on their platform this year. 

From action blockbusters, romantic comedies, comedy, fantasy, science fiction, crime thrillers to new entries in beloved franchises – there is something for every film fanatic.

In fact, they even released a trailer which you can watch below. 

Here are some of the movies that you can catch on Netflix this year.


source: Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong

The sci-fi thriller is centred around a war heroine, Major Jung-e, as her brain data is used to make an AI robot, where the robot is used to conduct war simulation. During the simulation, Jung-e’s daughter, Seo-hyun, the robot research team…

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Written by: Charlene Jose