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Netizens Furious At TGV Cinemas For Restarting ‘The Batman’ After 45 Minutes

today7 March 2022


The Batman' review: Robert Pattinson reboot is mixed bat-bag - Los Angeles Times
source: LA Times

The Batman has been trending in Malaysia and JUICE has even summarised some reviews from Malaysians on just how well-received the film has been lately.

So naturally, a lot of Malaysians are flocking to the theaters to enjoy the film for themselves.

However, an unfortunate incident at TGV Cinemas has dampened the hype.

, Cinema in Kuching
TGV Vivacity Megamall Kuching

According to Facebook user, Fazillah Raduan, his cinema experience while watching The Batman quickly turned sour when the theater restarted the film after running for 45 minutes.

When he asked why the film was being restarted, a worker told him that it was because a customer had walked in late.

Of course, Fazillah was angered by this decision since it inconvenienced all the other watchers who were already in the cinema and were on time for the movie.

Not everyone has 178 minutes to spare just to watch Batman solve some riddles.

Check out his post below that was…

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Written by: Ameera Rosli

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