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Netizens Troll Viral Photos of Parti MUDA Members “Partying” Saying It’s Fake & Defamatory

today5 January 2022


Young Malaysian lawmaker, 27, forms new political party Muda with multiracial outlook | The Straits Times
source: The Straits Times

In case you missed it, the political party led by Syed Saddiq, MUDA, has officially been registered after a 15-month-long legal battle.

MUDA has been making headlines these past few weeks for their arduous work in providing relief to flood victims and has been actively helping the community ever since it was established.

While good work is often repaid with good publicity, MUDA was recently slandered on social media through a tweet that accused the party for misusing crowdfunding money to buy alcohol.

Check out the tweet below:

As soon as the tweet started gaining traction, it became obvious that these photos…

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Written by: Ameera Rosli

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