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New Popular South Korean ‘Kosk’ Mask Only Covers The Nose & People Are Curious…

today7 February 2022


source: Twitter @Sokeel

Due to the rise of Covid-19 cases and the loom of the Omicron variant, many people are taking extra precautions when being outside.

The method of double-masking is extremely prevalent nowadays which is why the release of a new mask called “kosk” – which is a combination of ko (Korean for nose) and mask – seems a little peculiar.

This mask that originated in South Korea only covers the nose which allows its wearers to eat and drink while remaining somewhat protected.

The kosk is South Korea's innovative answer to the COVID mask
source: Body + Soul

Contrary to the initial assumption that South Koreans just walk around with what essentially looks like a nose bandage to keep one from snoring, the kosk is actually a supplementary mask and a regular mask should be worn over top.

It actually comes in two parts, one that covers the nose and the other that covers the mouth. The mouthpiece can be folded and kept away to allow for dining.

The company that…

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Written by: Ameera Rosli

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