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Nights Of Fright 6: Worth It Experience



There is a myth that says when the night creeps in, the creatures in Sunway Lagoon rise from the dead during the Halloween Month. If you would want to catch them in the flesh and get spooked for one final night before they disappear, head to Sunway Lagoon Nights Of Fright 6.

This is Sunway Lagoon’s sixth instalment this year, which started on September 28th and will be ending on October 31st on Halloween night – carries 8 haunted houses and activities such as the Toma Hawk and the Ship.

We first braved ourselves into the Slaughterhouse 13. From the whispers on the streets, we heard the Slaughterhouse was the one we should be afraid of. A local meat packing deli is haunted by the spirit of a worker who discovered beefy body hanging in the freezer. We were “greeted” with deli workers with powered chainsaw. At one point we saw the slaughtering incident, which was so gory and sent shivers down our spines.

Our next stop in the haunting expedition was to the Ghost Face. Your infamous Scream killer back in action, with thousands of them in the house, unsure on which is real and which is not. Your only immediate reflex is to “scream”. The whole experience was made even more “fun” with UV3D glasses, giving us a trippy experience.

Step into a whole new dimension as you enter the Wendigo haunted house. You’d come across evil tribal spirits, looking out for human flesh to satisfy their never-ending hunger. The setting was misty and so mysterious – you couldn’t see the path you’re walking on. It was like adventuring a whole new world, only to be surrounded by wicked monsters.

ScaryTales Theater. Our local hantu’s such as Pontianaks, Toyols and Pocong make an appearance in the theatre. The setting much like represents a movie theatre in the 60’s and on that particular night we watched ‘Hell Fest’. It feels like you were a part of the movie as the ghosts were surrounding you at every corner, running and making a slow walk here and there.

Clowns are supposed to make you laugh right? Not for those who suffer with Coulrophobia – the fear of clowns. In this Phobia house, the clowns were distorted and walking around scaring you at every turn. A female clown sitting on a rocking chair and playing with a doll spooks us till today.

Ever thought that the animals in the zoo are adorable? Well, you might think otherwise when you step into Zombie Zoo. Set deep inside the mountain, the caged animals and out-of-control parasitic human will charge towards you in a terrifying manner.

Horrorwood Studios is a wax museum of monsters where you’ll bump into a few of your serial killers like Michael Myers and Jason. Bear in mind, you wouldn’t know who would come out of their cases alive to “kill” you. Keep your fingers crossed that you’ll survive this hellish journey.

Picture the skyscrapers of New York and its Halloween day, you know who you gonna call, GhostBusters! We have to say Ghostbusters haunted house was our favourite of all. When it comes to the set and the mechanics, it was top notch. It was an out of this world experience, something out of a movie, with moving tramps and psychedelic patterns and the jump scares.

Guard yourselves up as you enter Sunway Lagoon’s Nights of Fright 6, with its final night tomorrow, 31st October on Halloween. Check their website out for the best packages and prices.

Happy Halloween!


Co-written by Priscilla G & Varesha


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