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Noah Centineo’s Goofiest Interview Moments

today24 January 2019


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Noah Centineo is a serious heartthrob and we can’t get enough of him

Ever since the 22-year-old American actor graced us with his presence on Netflix original on’To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ and soon after ‘Sierra Burgess Is A Loser’, Noah has been the constant talk of the town. The actor has been to countless interviews and with each one leaving us a trail of who he is as a person and an extra sprinkle of love for this charmer.

Here’s a few of our favourite Noah Centineo interview moments we can’t get over;

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Noah is the millennial Romeo,  a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic who puts his heart on his sleeves and doesn’t mind AT ALL of people seeing his soft side. In this interview he shares a few cringe worth tweets he wrote about love and bumping into a girl he wish he had talked to, and had it been any other guy we would probably say it’s a bit creepy, but when it’s by Noah, everything sounds like poetry.

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The actor knows how to make awkwardness look super normal.

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He’s everyone’s best friend. The guy could make anyone comfortable within minutes with his goofy personality. Noah is known as a charmer and not just by being a natural flirt but also as friend who genuinely cares for the people around him. Lana Condor once revealed that during the filming of ‘To All The Boys I’ve loved Before’, the actress had texted Noah asking for some company after she received some bad news. Noah (being the amazing friend) literally dropped everything he was doing and ran straight to her apartment where he swaddled her like a baby with a bunch of blankets. He even helped cleaned her whole apartment afterwards! Noah, be our best friend pleaseee?

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Noah shows us he’s a man who can do just about anything, from braiding hair to speaking in 8 different languages. Honestly the guy doesn’t have to do much and we’d still have our jaw drop. And as much as we loved John Cusack as Lloyd Dobler in the boombox scene in the film “Say anything”, we wouldn’t mind swapping him with Noah Centineo any day…Sorry John!

Via YouTube

If there is one big thing that comes with fame, it’s the FANS. Noah’s social media following has over 16 million followers (as of now) on Instagram, so it’s not as easy for the guy to walk around and not be recognized and stalked. In an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the actor shares an insight of life as a celebrity and getting followed, but his response to it is as sweet and delightful as he is.

Written by: Elyda

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today24 January 2019