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North Korean Soldiers Conduct Strange ‘Self-Defence’ Exercise To Impress Supreme Leader

today14 October 2021


(source: @martyn_williams (Twitter))

North Korea, one of the only truly isolated countries in the world, is somewhat of an unknown fixation to those outside of its borders.

Much of what we know about life in the ‘hermit kingdom’ is gleaned from defectors who escape abroad, and highly-curated glimpses that the regime themselves allow to the outside world.

Indeed, the lack of a clear narrative of what goes on in the country has sparked much speculation, from late night TV hosts to Hollywood films painting an often exaggerated caricature.

One thing for certain, though, is that the Kim family sits atop the national hierarchy. The current scion in charge, Kim Jong Un, took power in late 2011, and has spent significant effort consolidating his position ever since.

Kim Jong Un took over from his late father Kim Jong Il (pictured far right), who took over from his father Kim Il Sung. (source: Taiwan News)

Recently, a rare insight into the country came…

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Written by: Ahmad Hamizan