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Nvidia GTX 950 Review

today21 August 2015


Today Nvidia has launched its “sweet spot” GPU, the GTX 950. Aimed at budget gamers who want to play at 1080p, it uses a slightly neutered version of the GTX 960‘s GM206 to bring down its asking price to $160 (MYR 660/ SGD 225). (Some aftermarket cards will go for more; the Asus card we tested is $170.)

This of course means you won’t be able to play with your graphics settings as high on the GTX 960—but before you dismiss the 950, know that the Maxwell architecture in this particular GPU has been tweaked to reduce latency. (That’s a first.) Nvidia’s also launching a suite of sharing and recording features that let you easily stream to Twitch, save gaming footage, edit clips and upload them to YouTube, and invite other players to watch or play your game. For budget gamers who lean more toward prioritizing cash over graphics, the 950 definitely delivers solid bang for your buck.

Meet the Asus Strix GTX 950

You can check out the GTX 950’s full specs in the table below,…

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Written by: Josh Norem

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