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Nvidia Shares RTX 2080 4K Performance Numbers

today23 August 2018


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Nvidia gathered all the assembled journalists at Gamescom today to share more details about its RTX series GPUs, including performance numbers in a handful of top titles, including 4k performance numbers. Since I wasn’t allowed to do any of my own benchmarking all I have to share is Nvidia’s slides, so take them with a grain of salt since these are essentially marketing materials. We’ll be doing our own independent benchmarking as soon as we get the GPU series in-hand. First up are some 4k benchmarks for current games, meaning there is no RTX fanciness impacting these numbers, which provides a sense of how the GPU runs games that are out right now and compare to 2017’s GPUs.

2x performance

These numbers are interesting for several reasons. First of all, the big claim here is that with the RTX 2080 you can run games at 4K with HDR at 60fps. It’s right there in black and white, so if you…

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Written by: Josh Norem

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