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Oscars 2019 winner predictions: Who will win?

Every single year we await the moment the Academy will release the list of nominees, and every year we are surprised. That shock last from the day the nominees are released and last all the way until the morning after the ceremony.



Every single year we await the moment the Academy will release the list of nominees, and every year we are surprised. That shock last from the day the nominees are released and last all the way until the morning after the ceremony. This year is no different, and here are my predictions of this year’s epic winners, snubs, and of course the surprises.


Bohemian Rhapsody

Black Panther

First Man

A Quiet Place


What should win: A Quite Place

What will win: Bohemian Rhapsody

This year’s nomination of John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place didn’t fair quite well when it to them grasping on the other categories. And to add salt to the wound, it did not come to fruition for the blockbuster thriller. But did manage to whisper away the Best Sound Editing nomination and is truly expected! The entire film surrounds of the characters not making noise, hence which makes sound that much more integral. But then again Bohemian Raphsody’s sound track brings back lots Queen Fans to their glory days, when Rami Malek would rock their stages. The music alone is honestly is ageless.


Black Panther

Bohemian Rhapsody

First Man


A Star Is Born

What should win: A Star Is Born

What will win: A Star is Born

One of the most impressive experiences I had watching and hearing in the theatre this year would without a doubt fall to A Star is Born. Fun fact A Star is Born was filmed in a crisp, clear Dolby theatre. Not all live performances are created alike, and if you’re wondering why some of those concert scenes hit you the way they did, this is why. Undeniably, they should win this category, I mean for Lady Gaga alone, they should dominate the category. Call me biased.


Avengers: Infinity War

Christopher Robin

First Man

Ready Player One

Solo: A Star Wars Story

What should win: Ready Player One

What will win: Avengers: Infinity War

Those of you who watched Ready Player One, would know exactly why they should take home this category. Steven Spielberg delivered a computer animated movie given the amount of time that’s spent in the Oasis. Too truly understand why, all you have to do is watch that homage to Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining in which the entire Overlook Hotel is brought back to life through video manipulation. It’s a jaw dropping moment for video manipulation and after effects, to think we have evolved so much, with technology of course. But then again with Infinity War trailing behind quite closely, might actually pose a threat with Superhero movies becoming trend over the years, especially the year 2018. And not to mention the passing of great legend Stan Lee, could there such politics, being played. We will just have to wait and see.



Mary Queen of Scots


What should win: Vice

What will win: Vice

I mean should I go further, Shape shifter Christian Bale, acts in this movie and as usual, un recognizable. Impressive work all across the board from this movie. Stepping out from the stereotypical doing a costume drama full of lavish looks and getups as the winner in this category as they do every year. I think this the year the category should fall for none other than the work done on turning Christian Bale into Dick Cheney.


“Shallow” ,A Star Is Born, written by Lady Gaga, Mark Ronson, Anthony Rossomando and Andrew Wyatt

Performed by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

“All the Stars” ,Black Panther, written by Kendrick Lamar, Al Shux, Sounwave, SZA and Anthony Tiffith

Performed by Kendrick Lamar and SZA

“The Place Where Lost Things Go”, Mary Poppins Returns, written by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman

Performed by Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda

“I’ll Fight” ,RBG, written by Diane Warren

Performed by Jennifer Hudson

“When a Cowboy Trades His Spurs for Wings”, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, written by Gilian Welch and David Rawlings

Performed by Tim Blake Nelson

What should win: “Shallow”, A Star Is Born

What will win: “Shallow”, A Star Is Born

We are talking about Lady Gaga here, the mother monster absolutely shined with her skills. Here’s one way to put it while “All the Stars” was the best song of 2018, but it was the gradient effect of Black Panther relegated to the credits as if to say, “Grab this track now on iTunes.” But Shallow? It’s practically the whole song, the emotions and moments one would feel about the song, brings a flashback leading back to Bradley Cooper’s debut feature.


Incredibles 2


Ralph Breaks the Internet

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Isle of Dogs

What should win: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

What will win: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

The year 2018 had a handful of animated films, with Wreck It Ralph schooling us on the internet and the ever so long awaited movie Incredibles 2 (We were all a decade older after the release). But with their chart-topping appeal I don’t think it’s enough to push them off the threshold. So hence why I feel that this year’s nomination the Animated Feature Film Oscar belongs to Miles Morales, Gwen Stacy, Spider-Ham, and the rest of the Spider-Verse.


Rami Malek, Bohemian Rhapsody

Christian Bale, Vice

Willem Dafoe, At Eternity’s Gate

Viggo Mortensen, Green Book

Bradley Cooper, A Star Is Born

Who should win: Christian Bale, Vice

Who will win: Christian Bale, Vice

Besst Actor is Christian Bale, end of story. As much as I am a fan of Bardley Cooper and his work with directing the film, I personally feel that his chacter in A Satr is Born, did not show risk in itself. The voters love those transformational performances, and they love to talk the talk on politics, both of which Bale’s win allows them to do. But even beyond the red tape, Bale is just the strongest performer of this mix. He disappears into this role, more so than any of his past physical marvels, and that hasn’t been lost on most critics. At all.


Yalitza Aparicio, Roma

Glenn Close, The Wife

Lady Gaga, A Star Is Born

Olivia Colman, The Favourite

Melissa McCarthy, Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Who should win: Olivia Colman, The Favourite

Who will win: Lady Gaga, A Star Is Born

When a star is Born came out in mid-October it seemed like a pretty sure thing that Lady Gaga was about to win an Academy Award. But a lot has happened and awards season cycle is long. I think, at the end of the day, that Gaga is going to win out yet.  However I don’t think she should. Beofre you start ranting, look at as this a singer who has done exceptional job at it, and then begins acting. I don’t think that an award should be given to someone without much experience. Unless you’re Meryl Streep.

May the best Man/ Woman win!


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