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PAS President Says That Those Who Favour English Over Bahasa Melayu Are Trapped In The Colonial Era

today4 July 2022


source: Culture Trip

The English language spread worldwide as the British Empire began colonising and broadening its authority in the 17th century. English was widely used in the colonies,Β  and native people were commonly expected to adapt to the situation and learn it.

As a result, it made its mark as today’s most widely spoken language with over 1.35 billion speakers worldwide and is regarded as the national language in 67 different countries. In multilingual countries like Malaysia, it has become a connecting language and a strong second language.

source: Pinterest

Domestically, the English language is incorporated into the syllabus of all students, some majoring in related courses such as TESL or literature. Public perception and corporations deem fluent English speakers intelligent as they associated the speakers with higher education as well.

However, that is always not the case.

According to PAS president Abdul Hadi…

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Written by: Lara Lee