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Pedophile Who Has Been Abusing Children for 14 Years in Sarawak Finally Captured

today6 September 2021


One of world's most-wanted paedophiles arrested in small Sarawak town after joint effort with Aussie cops | The Star
source: The Star

Pedophilia is one of the most despicable crimes in the history of time and it is appalling to know that there has been an assailant residing in the otherwise peaceful district of Lundu, Sarawak.

For 14 years, 40-year-old Alladin Lanim has been traumatising children within the age range of 2 to 16 years old. The criminal often boasted about his revolting exploits on forums enshrouded by the dark web.

He has since uploaded over 1000 images and videos of him abusing children.

While his capture today is a cause for celebration, it is harrowing to know that this almost did not happen if not for the sleuthing done by the Australian specialist investigators.

Project management for the ACCCE project in Brisbane | RPS
Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation in Brisbane

The breakthrough happened in 2020 when Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation’s victim identification unit found a lead.

The investigation was tedious and required excessive effort. The task-force in Australia and…

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Written by: Ameera Rosli

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