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Pedophilic Online Advertisement Found on Online Shopping App

today10 August 2022


(source: iStock)

JUICE has previously reported on our finding of an organised cybercrime ring that was selling Telegram subscriptions to innocent people’s nudes through an online shopping platform.

Today, yet another frightening online advertisement is brought to light.

A Twitter user shared on her social media a pedophilic online shopping advertisement that was selling photographs of young children.

The advertisement was listed as β€œGood item for sale” with pictures of various children on the posting.

The alarming offering was listed for RM6,942 with the product description β€œMasturbating materials, used, vintage, and limited item, pm (private message) to negotiate on price.”

The most frightening detail in the advertisement was what the vendor put in the shelf life section, β€œUntil dead.”


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Written by: Aqasha Aiman