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Perlis Struck By ‘Landsprout’ Tornado, Concerned Netizens Offer Prayers

today21 April 2022


A tornado known as “landspout” appeared in Perlis at about 6.14pm on Monday (April 18).

The tornado was alleged to have hovered in the air for nearly five minutes in a rice field in Arau’s Kampung Kubang Gajah.

While the occurrence this time did not result in severe catastrophes, it did generate panic and worry among those who witnessed it.

Former school principal Zainol Abidin, 67, from Kampung Simpang Geti, was among those who witnessed the storm. He explained that he was concerned after observing the occurrence while standing outside his house.

“Actually, the incident occurred not far from the house, which is why it was so noticeable,” he explained.

Even though Zainol knew that it was bound to happen, he did not expect it to strike so near to his home.

Meanwhile, numerous Perlis inhabitants have…

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Written by: Lara Lee

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