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Petaling Jaya MP Proposes Anti-Hatred Act In Response To Inflammatory Remarks Made By PAS Leaders

today1 December 2022


source: Malaysiakini

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Yesterday (30 Nov), Petaling Jaya MP Lee Chean Chung (pictured above) expressed his interest in calling for the enactment of anti-hatred laws after provocative statements were allegedly made by several PAS leaders.

The PKR communications director believes that if such sentiments were left unchecked, it would negatively affect trust amongst the general public and obstruct attempts to promote both economic growth and national unity.

source: Utusan Malaysia

Lee claimed that the incendiary remarks began just a few months before the 15th Malaysian General Elections (GE15) and added that these ‘attacks’ worsened after Perikatan Nasional and PAS failed to form a new government.

He expressed that action should be taken against any individual caught spreading hate-filled statements.

“Instead of continuing to spread such sentiments, I support the drafting of an Anti-Hatred Act. This Act…

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Written by: Syakir Roslan

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