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Pity vote or nah: Does Crazy Rich Asians or Black Panther deserve a win?



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The Golden Globes have just released their nominees for the year 2019, unsurprised by the overwhelming hoorah towards the nomination of Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asians for the categories Best Motion Picture – Drama and Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy respectively. As you’ve read the title, some of you wouldn’t be too please wit it but hold up, don’t start claiming that I’m raining on your parade just yet.

I have acknowledged the fact that ‘people of colour’ such as I have come a long way from discrimination and colourism in the entertainment business. With that being said, I don’t think that an award should be given just for society to feel like they’re doing the ‘right thing’ in acceptance of minorities. The term well deserved should be applied with award shows, politics shouldn’t be the factor in determining the Best Motion Picture category or other category as a matter of fact.

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One of the biggest blockbusters of the year 2018 would definitely fall for Black Panther. The amount of thought that has been poured into the movie itself amazes me, throw aside the fact it was primarily an African American cast the movie was full of action keeping you on your toes constantly. Not to mention the characters were really great actors shall drop names that we all know too well such as Micheal B Jordan, Chadwick Boseman and lupita Nyongo, I must say among the three of the main cast Micheal surprised me most with his acting skills and… who am I kidding that absolutely stunning and Greek god like bod was a plus point.

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Many questioned if Black Panther deserved its nomination in the Golden Globes Awards, One that arised from the many was if the colour of their skin has played a factor. I personally disagree, Black Panther was one superhero in the Marvel, Avengers clan that was a jaw dropping movie at least for me. The actors executed a great job in playing their roles which kept me questioning what would happen next. The plot alone sounds cliché to many, but maybe I was biased having grown up with movies like The Lion King, their similar  story line, avenging  for my loved one and fighting for my well deserved throne is intriguing enough for me. I mean it beats an overplayed rom com plot line any day!

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Like the many Wakanda fans out there that appreciate a little culture in their films, that open your eyes to how diverse the world we live in. I truly appreciated that in both the films without a doubt to have that representation of Asian culture in today’s films is very important. Although Black Panther blew me out of the water with their acting skills and incredible action and my favourite plot line, Crazy Rich Asians however did not, as much as I love our Malaysian actors Henry Golding and Michele Yeoh, the film just was not up to par with the hype that surrounded it. Well let’s start with how the movie was driven and had huge publicity neighbouring on that one element that it’s an all Asian cast. Hate to pop your bubble but there are many different types of Asians, One representation is just not enough, I mean if you’re going to do something as ground-breaking as this film go all out is the only way. Besides that, the film has probably the worse clichéd plot line ever. Don’t get me wrong, as Asian I was beyond ecstatic to have that representation in Hollywood today but this Romeo Juliet story is just redundant and uninteresting.

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Then comes the million dollar question if Crazy Rich Asians actually truly deserved the Golden Globe nomination? If I were to be bluntly honest my answer is a no. Purely because if your simply judging from their acting skills, Michele Yeoh alone can’t carry the weight of the film on her shoulders,, she was the only one who I think acted amazingly, she almost made me hate the character. That’s the sort of emotion that films should bring out in a person, as a pure sound that shows they resonate to the film rather than going aww in every scene. But with that being said I have complete respect for the director to have a cast of Asians, it’s not an easy task and to have it be a blockbuster, that’s a huge achievement.

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