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Playboy Features First Gay Man On Its Cover, Filipino Influencer Bretman Rock

today7 October 2021


Bretman Rock. (source: Instagram / Cosmopolitan)

The publishing world is beset by many existential problems. With declining revenues owing to the segmentation of market audiences, to decreasing relevance in the era of the internet, staying afloat is an everyday struggle for most.

With these considerations in mind, and amid changing attitudes towards social issues such as civil rights, one legacy publisher in America made the bold decision to feature an openly gay man on its cover for the very first time.

(Source: Instagram)

Playboy, the famed nudie mag turned cultural chronicler, recently made Filipino beauty influencer Bretman Rock as their cover star, breaking from traditional, cultural norms. Bretman joins a small cast of only three men who has donned the bunny ears, namely actors Exra Miller and Paul Rudd, and musician Bad Bunny.

The 23-year-old is an internet sensation in his own right, first breaking into the mainstream on YouTube with his…

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Written by: Ahmad Hamizan