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Playstation is Being Sued RM26 Billion For “Ripping People Off” & Abusing Market Power

today23 August 2022


(source: Notebook Check)

These are crazy times in the increasingly-profitable video game industry. The “standard” price of video games is creeping higher and higher, pushing the limits of the RM100 price once considered to be too much.

Due to this, a consumer rights advocacy group based in the United Kingdom is suing Sony for RM26 billion for “ripping people off” on its online store. The group claims that Playstation is charging a 30% commission on digital games and in-game purchases on its store which is in breach of competition law.

Basically, Sony is accused of abusing market power by imposing unfair terms and conditions on game developers and publishers, forcing prices up for consumers.

(source: Polygon)

According to IGN, the class action lawsuit led by Alex Neill seeks to distribute billions of dollars to players who have used the PlayStation UK store since August 2016.

“The game is up for Sony…

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Written by: Karissa Lund