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Police Bust Gang Of Snatch Thieves Posing As Delivery Riders In Sentul Who Stole Up To RM50k

today1 November 2021


Source: NST

A gang of snatch thieves posing as food delivery riders in the Sentul district that have been active for the past five months have been finally caught by police.

Sentul district police chief Assistant Commissioner Beh Eng Lai said the four suspects from Gang Ashmer were detained in three raids between Oct 23 and Oct 28.

It was reported by NST that the quartet would disguise themselves as food delivery riders to blend in before zeroing in on their target.

β€œThey would normally move in pairs, one to tail the victim and another one as β€˜striker’,” said Beh in a press conference.

β€œItems snatched such as gold chains would be sold and the profits shared among the gang members.”

The police also recovered 36 gold chains, mobile phones, and of course, food delivery bags, worth RM50k in total.

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Written by: Quinny Tan

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