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Police Searching For 4-Year-Old Girl Currently Held Against Her Will By “Father”

today7 September 2021


Source: Kosmo!

What were you doing at 4 years old? Probably playing outside with your friends, watching cartoons on TV, spending time with your loving parents. Well, not all of us are that fortunate.

Recently, the tale of a homeless 4-year-old girl on the streets of Chow Kit being allegedly abused by her “father” has been circulating around the media.

The story surfaced from a Facebook post by an officer of the Welfare Department, who shared her encounter with the girl.

The girl, currently living on the streets of Chow Kit as a beggar along with her grandmother, was raised under the roof of her “father” who is said to be a drug dealer and a widower.

The welfare officer was on location when the girl allegedly ran towards her, in a terrified and troubled state with tears running down her face from her already swollen and bruised eyes.

Source: TODAYOnline

Said welfare officer immediately reported this to local police officers and a patrol car…

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Written by: Quinny Tan

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