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Price Revisions Following SST Exemption For New Proton Vehicles See Price Hikes Up To RM7,000

today5 July 2022


source: IHS Markit

We all know that the national inflation has brought on an extra pinch straining our wallets, and even eating out is slowly becoming a privilege and an expensive affair rather than a casual, quick way to fill your belly.

Malaysians have expressed having to put several of their personal essentials on hold, and one of these needs may entail new car purchases.

source: Carsome

Last month, Proton announced a revision of prices for its new vehicles as the prior SST exemption was voided on July 1.

While the automotive company has reportedly decided not to increase the prices of all its cars, a sudden increase in production costs necessitated, namely the X70, Saga, Exora, X50,Β PersonaΒ and Iriz.

As of today, prices have been set and publicly disclosed for the X70, Saga and Exora only.

Here is a quick breakdown of the revised costs, courtesy of Paul Tan:

Previously, Proton deputy chief executive officer Roslan…

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Written by: Lara Lee