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5 Best Big Bang Theory Scenes of All Time

It has been on for over a decade.



The Big Bang Theory has been on for over a decade. At an average of 5.8 jokes per minute, that’s over 1,400 laughs over the show’s run so far. With that many funny moments, it’s hard to shape them down to the absolute best. But, we still did. Check it out!


  • “It’s A Tiara!”

Sheldon and Amy’s relationship can hardly be described as “ordinary”, mostly because of Sheldon’s cold, harsh reluctance and total lack of social graces. As usual, Sheldon dismisses Amy’s accomplishment, leading her to storm off in a huff. With a little help from Penny, Sheldon decides to gift Amy… a diamond tiara, of course. Along with being one of the most humorous moments in the show, it is also a touching one as the relationship of “Shamy” reaches a heart-felt new level of intimacy.

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  • Penny & The Killer Robot

Although this episode is not packed with much humour, the comedic moment came when the gang introduce their “killer robot” M.O.N.T.E, which obviously stands for “Mobile Omnidirectional Neutralization and Termination Eradicator”, (obviously). Considering the robot is equipped with a rotary saw, this perhaps wasn’t one of their most well thought out ideas when the robot tears through the gang’s front door, just as Penny is approaching from the hallway.

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  • Grand Theft Sheldon

Sheldon Cooper isn’t the most self-reliant person. That is why he always needs his friends driving him around for he has no car or a driver’s licence. When he was pressured to learn driving, you can imagine the wrong form of Grand Theft Auto happening. The nerd soon demonstrates to his friends just why it was a safer having them drive him around as absolute chaos follows and a virtual pet store is destroyed. “Awww… the pet store…”

Image result for Sheldon driving big bang theory gif


  • “Bazinga, Punk” – Sheldon The Zombie

Determined to exact revenge on a prank done to him, Sheldon carefully plans a series of elaborate pranks on his friends but all of them go awry. He does eventually get his own back though, but it came at the wrong time as Leonard was in a broken moment. As the news sinks in, Sheldon, donned with zombie face paint, springs out from under a sofa cushion causing his friend to leap up in alarm. A serious moment in the episode is thus lightened by Sheldon’s brilliance.

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  • The Ball Pit & Even More “Bazinga’s”

There aren’t many things that keep Sheldon up all night except for physics problem. To work out a solution, Sheldon arrives at the conclusion that it’s a basic job he needs so he decides to work with Penny at the Cheese Cake factory as a bus boy. And one middle of the night, he goes to the local mall’s ball pit to try and solve the puzzle. This leaves Leonard to ask him out of the pit and led them in a pool of balls, Sheldon taunts his pal with a succession of “Bazinga’s!”

Image result for Grand Theft Sheldon big bang theory gif


There are many more interesting, hilarious and mind-blowing moments that we could get from The Big Bang Theory. And now that the show (sadly) is almost ending, I shall catch up on all of it, once again!


Source: WhatCulture


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