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Residents & Feeders Demand Justice For 20+ Dogs Killed In Cruel, Deliberate Poisonings In Penang

today3 April 2023


A horrific tragedy has been playing out in Penang’s Lorong Delima neighbourhood for weeks. It is believed that to date, 27 dogs have perished from poisoning which began on March 5th, devastating and breaking the hearts of their loving carers.

By visiting the local animal shelter, which is now almost deserted because of the passing of so many cherished animals, one may witness the repercussions of this tragedy. Residents state that the poisoned dogs are sometimes discovered in drains, anxiously searching for water to β€œcomfort themselves before succumbing to the poison.”

Being that these poor animals seem to have been killed on purpose, the issue is rendered all the more tragic. Notwithstanding community efforts to bring up the matter with law enforcement, neither patrols nor action has been taken to avert the continuous fatalities.

It is an absolute travesty and a clear call to action that these innocent lives continue…

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Written by: Lara Kramer

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