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Rick Astley Never Gives You Up With CSAA Insurance Group In New Remake Of Iconic Video

today22 August 2022


What is RickRolling? A look back at the Rick Astley internet phenomenon that's still... - Smooth

We’ve all been victims of getting Rick Rolled at least once in our lives – whether it’s from a clickbait video in an email chain, or a viral clip with the first frame bamboozling us into the iconic soundtrack of β€˜Never Gonna Give You Up’ – everyone recognises the tune of the track.

For those of you who were born yesterday, getting Rick Rolled essentially means being fooled into thinking you’re watching a revealing video of some sort, that cuts short at the most suspense-filled moment only to give you Rick Astley singing and dancing along to his popular ’80s hit.

The video we all know and love is 35 years old, released on 27 July 1987, when Rick was at the strapping age of 21.

Last week, he debuted a recreation of the same music video as an advertisement for CSAA Insurance Group.

He was decked out…

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Written by: Quinny Tan

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