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RM3.30 For A Bottle Of Water?! GSC In Melaka Fined RM45k After Found Guilty For Overcharging

today15 June 2022


Golden Screen Cinemas - Klang Parade Mall

Times are hard and everybody has to find ways to make money even if it means raising the price a little. You can either come up with other creative ways to promote your business and products or you can just charge an extra few cents to the item.

While there’s technically nothing wrong with raising prices for certain items especially if there’s high demand and/or if there’s a shortage of supply for these items, sometimes people can go overboard with setting the prices.

GSC was recently found guilty and is currently being fined RM45k for overcharging. Here’s what happened:


When you think of Golden Screen Cinemas, you’d think of luxury. The company aspires to deliver the best movie experience for movie viewers. One of the best ways to enjoy a movie is with snacks but would you buy snacks and drinks that cost as much as (or more than) your lunch?

Apparently the GSC at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall, Melaka increased…

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Written by: Quinny Tan