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Sabah-Based Furniture Company Introduces Menstrual Leave For Female Workers

today9 November 2022


source: NST

In 2022 it’s commonplace to see women in many (if not all) areas of Malaysia’s workforce. According to data from The World Bank, women made up for 38.5% of the nation’s workforce as of 2021.

In a big step forward for Malaysian female worker rights, Sabah-based sustainable furniture company Bressi & Besi have introduced menstrual leave days where female employees are allowed a day off for period pain every month.

source: NST

29-year-old Lukman Awaluddin (pictured above) from Putatan, Sabah, founded his furniture company Brutti & Besi back in October of 2020.

He hopes that the company’s new initiative builds a culture of trust and acceptance at work while simultaneously ending the stigma surrounding menstruation.

Additionally, Lukman also wishes for other companies to follow suit and adopt menstrual leave policies of their own which would hopefully result in a new nationwide policy regarding menstrual leave.

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Written by: Syakir Roslan