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Sebastian Stan Calls Out a Journalist on Poor on “Choice of Words”

today19 February 2024


Sebastian Stan has been flexing his acting muscles since his days of playing Bucky Barnes (the Winter Soldier) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

He has embodied real-life rockstar Tommy Lee (Pam and Tommy).  an enigmatic con-man (Sharper), a cannibal romantic (Fresh), and more!

Sebastian Stan Picked Up Another Biopic Role…and You Won’t Believe Who it is

His latest film (A Different Man) showcases his talent as a disfigured man who was born with neurofibromatosis.

At a press conference for the film, Stan shuts down a journalist for referring to the lead character suffering from neurofibromatosis as a ‘so-called beast.’ He said,”

“I have to call you out a little bit on the choice of words there, because I think part of why the film is important is because we often don’t have the right vocabulary.

I think it’s a little bit more complex than that, and obviously there are language barriers, but you know, ‘beast’ isn’t the word.”

Stan portrays Edward, an aspiring actor with a severe facial disfigurement and undergoes reconstructive surgery to change his appearance. He is then haunted by this decision when he finds out another actor is playing him in his previous life.


*Cover image A24


Written by: Farah Qistina

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