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Serj Tankian Rebukes Imagine Dragons For Ignoring Plea To Rethink Upcoming Baku Concert Amidst ‘Humanitarian Catastrophe’ Concerns

today23 August 2023


source: Rolling Stone

The ongoing geopolitical landscape has once again intersected with the world of music as Serj Tankian, the frontman of System Of A Down, has appealed to popular band Imagine Dragons to reconsider their upcoming concert in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Tankian, who has been notably vocal about issues concerning human rights, seeks to raise awareness about the situation in the region and its potential ramifications.

Earlier this year, Tankian criticised various artists for aiding in what he described as Azerbaijan’s attempt to “whitewash” its image on the global stage by performing in the country.

He has extended this concern to Imagine Dragons’ scheduled performance in Baku, urging them to withdraw from the event. Tankian, who turned 56 on Monday (August 21) has also shared his efforts to communicate with Imagine Dragons, along with his initial letter to them outlining his reasons for this request.

source: Concord

The heart of Tankian’s…

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Written by: Lara Kramer

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