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SG OnlyFans Creator Titus Low Fined RM9.8k & Jailed 3 Weeks

today13 October 2022


Titus Low
Source: BBC

Over the years, OnlyFans has gone from a taboo joke to an actual form of income that people have been using to sustain their lives.Β But there was always a question of legality.

Recently, Titus Low, Singaporean OnlyFans creator, was fined S$3,000 (RM9,807.95) for uploading obscene photos and videos, making him the first content creator on OnlyFans to be convicted for the offence in the city state.

He was also sentenced to three weeks in jail for defying a police order not to access his OnlyFans account while he was under investigation.

He pleaded guilty to both charges.

In Singapore, it is illegal to transmit obscene materials by…

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Written by: Quinny Tan

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