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SHEIN x Iman Troye Launches Modest Fashion Wear With Trendy Kaftans, Abayas & Hijabs!

today26 April 2022


SHEIN has recently become our go-to shopping platform, but most of its pieces can be a bit tricky to fit in modest wear. However, this recent collaboration with Malaysian artist, Iman Troye might be the answer for all of our hijabi fashionistas!

For the very first time ever, SHEiN is all set to make a big splash by bringing trendy kaftans, abayas, hijabs, and other fashionable pieces to our shores.

The modest wear collection specially curated and styled by Iman Troye will include laid-back and feminine forms that will go with any outfit. The dresses span from long-sleeved sleek dresses to belted and ruffled dresses that will compliment any body shape.

For your everyday modest appearance, Iman’s collection comprises complementing neutrals with comfortable designs in neutral tones. Summer hues are also available in soft pastel pieces.

β€œSHEIN has never disappointed me in the wide selection of clothes that I can mix and match…

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Written by: Karissa Lund