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Singapore High Court Delays Execution Of Nagaenthran

today8 November 2021


Activists protesting Nagaenthran’s death row sentence in Kuala Lumpur. (source: AFP/New Straits Times)

A mere two days before he was scheduled to hang at the gallows, the Singaporean High Court has today granted a stay on the execution of Nagaenthran K Dharmalingam.

In a last ditch attempt to spare his life, his lawyers successfully challenged the constitutionality of the decision up to the Court of Appeal in the city-state, which has since been granted.

This means that his execution will not take place until at least the end of the appeals process at the higher court – the date of which is yet to be fixed.

(source: AFP/New Straits Times)

Earlier, amid an outpouring of public consternation over the case, Prime Minister Ismail Sabri wrote to his counterpart Lee Hsien Loong to appeal the decision on β€˜humanitarian grounds’.

β€œWhile I note that the legal process has been exhausted, I submit this appeal for leniency purely on…

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Written by: Ahmad Hamizan