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Singaporean Authorities Chase Malaysian Fishermen Away For Trespassing, But They Were In Johor

today26 October 2022


Singapore police refute allegations that Malaysian fishermen were chased away by Police Coast Guard
Source: CNA

It wasn’t too long ago that Vikings and pirates were battling it out on the raging seas, invading foreign lands and fuelling the slave trade. Though the world is a more civilised place now, territorial disputes are still common.

A few days ago, a dispute happened with our neighbours just across the shore. 10 Malaysian fishermen were allegedly chased away by the Singapore Police Coast Guard, but sources say that they were on Malaysian waters anyway. Let’s dive in (pun intended):

Source: FMT

According to Bernama, the group of fishermen were setting up shrimp nets in the Pasir Laba area, near the Second Link Bridge when they were chased away by Singaporean authorities.

At about 5:30pm, the Police Coast Guard used loudspeakers from their boat to drive out the fishermen, even though they were allegedly in their respective territorial waters.

In a 2-minute viral video that was circulated on Facebook, the group of…

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Written by: Quinny Tan

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