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Smugglers & Stockpilers Take Advantage of Subsidised Cooking Oil While Netizens Joke About Price Hike

today5 July 2022


source: Pinterest

TheΒ national inflationΒ has Malaysians anticipating sudden changes and compromised lifestyles, but one particular repercussion of it seems to have impacted citizens a little more than the rest.

Food shortages and the fall of the Malaysian ringgit have collectively made eating out just as heavy a feat as cooking your own meals at home. This is due to the government discontinuing subsidies for bottled cooking oil, leading to price hikes up to RM10 for a 5kg bottle.

Certain brands of cooking oil are currently retailed for RM45. Uncertainty and fear continues toΒ rattleΒ Malaysians as many have resorted to risky behaviour to get their share and perhaps even profit from the imbalanced high demand.

Here is a compilation of some relevant incidences which have been reported so far:

Police confiscate over 2,100kg of subsidised cooking oil stored in Miri-based factory

source: The Borneo Post

The Ministry of Domestic…

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Written by: Lara Lee