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South Koreans Urged Against Eating Deep-Fried Toothpicks

today1 February 2024


source: CNN

South Korea, known for its trendsetting ways, has sparked a questionable craze that even has the government raising eyebrows. Forget the latest K-drama – people are munching on fried toothpicks now. 🀒

This micro-trend turned macro has caught the attention of health officials in China too, who are sounding the alarm over the potential risks associated with ingesting the toothpicks.

The toothpicks are made from starch, turned green with some form of colouring, and then dipped into hot oil until they puff up. They are then topped off with seasonings like cheese or spicy powder before being consumed.

source: Time

While these short and enticing videos may make the trend appear harmless and even pleasant on the tongue, it’s crucial to scrutinise the ingredients used in creating these deep-fried starch toothpicks.

According to South China Morning Press, the primary components consist of sweet corn and potato, mixed…

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Written by: Lara Kramer

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