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S’porean Store Deemed Racist & Disrespectful For Marketing Attire Bedecked With Quranic Imagery

today23 June 2022


You’ve heard of cultural appropriation, but what’s it called when sacred religious texts are printed onto clothing for aesthetic purposes?

According to this angered TikTok user, the act is nothing short of racist and disrespectful:

@__abu.toz__ #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo #singapore #islam #muslim ♬ original sound TOZ.TUBE

For context, in the clip, he’s referring to a clothing collection that was sold on Playmate, an online apparel website based in Singapore, comparable to the likes of Shein.

The issue at hand was that some one-piece swimsuits had full-on Quranic verses printed onto them, as well as a mindlessly listed “Islamic Cami Pajama Set”.

source: Saatchi Art

“I understand that being Islamophobic is the norm and people applaud you for being against the religion, but this is so disrespectful towards me and the billions of Muslims around the world.

“But now if we react towards this, we’re the…

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Written by: Lara Lee