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Student Trio From Rawang Designs Ayurvedic Air Cooler Made Of Scrap Items To Tame Steep Bills

today30 June 2022


source: Family Handyman

You’ve heard of basic air conditioners, inverter ACs, and perhaps even smart portable ones you can control with your phone; but if you thought that cooling gadgets had reached their peak in today’s society, think again!

12-year-old Vyshnavi Vaneah Nithiananthan along with her friends, Yhuvhen Vijaya Vikneswaran and Kanniesh Theeran Kannigeswaran (both aged 11) have further revolutionised our basic temperature control systems with a sustainable and wallet-friendly new alternative.

source: NST (Photo courtesy of Kangathevi Ponnudurai)

The trio, hailing from SJK(T) Rawang, created a mobile Ayurvedic air cooler out of scrap materials, incorporating popular and traditionally-used, air purifying herbs such as neem, lemongrass and eucalyptus.

As a result, the portable device releases an herbal aroma within its area of use. It also has a motion detector that turns it on only when it senses movement, enabling…

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Written by: Lara Lee