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Super Typhoon Rai in The Philippines Has Taken 375 Lives While 300,000 People Lost Their Homes

today23 December 2021


(source: SCMP)

Across Malaysia, a weekend of torrential rain displaced more than 61,000 people, destroyed homes and shuttered roads. The downpour from 17 to 18 December amounted to a month’s average rainfall and have left thousands stranded still waiting to be rescued.

Meanwhile, our South-East Asian neighbours are also suffering from weather disruptions.

According to The Guardian, the death toll from the strongest typhoon to hit the Philippines this year has surged to 375 as desperate survivors plead for urgent supplies of drinking water and food.

The Philippine Red Cross reported β€œcomplete carnage” in coastal areas after Super Typhoon Rai left homes, hospitals and schools β€œripped to shreds”.

source: The Guardian

The storm tore off roofs, uprooted trees, toppled concrete power poles, smashed wooden houses to pieces, wiped out crops and flooded villages – sparking comparisons to the damage caused by Super Typhoon…

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Written by: Karissa Lund

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