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Syed Saddiq Vows To Take Up Badminton Lessons After Netizens Ridicule His Skills Online

today10 November 2022


source: Utusan

If you follow Syed Saddiq on any of his social media platforms, then you’re probably used to coming across comments such as β€œWe love you, YB” or even some remarks that entail generous simping. The same could have been expected for a clip of him playing badminton, but in reality, the opposite occurred.

Netizens instead chose to tell the MUDA president that he put the β€˜bad’ in badminton. Here’s the video for context:

The young politician is seen completely missing his turn to serve and unintentionally standing in his partner’s way, causing the shuttlecock to collide with Saddiq’s back before it could be sent back over the net.

β€œLuckily I didn’t get smashed by my own partner,” he wrote.

The comments under the thread ranged from lighthearted, comical taunts to some…

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Written by: Lara Kramer

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