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Car Plunges Into A River In Sarawak And Bomba Are Still Working to Retrieve It

According to Harian Metro, the Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department received a call at about 8.03pm. Nine firefighters lead by Operation Commander Stephen Plen were sent to the location to search for any victims."A witness of the incident saw the car stopping at the edge of the wharf before turning right and plunging into the river," Plen said.The car was found on the riverbed of Kemena River, about 150m away […]

today1 December 2020

Social News

Doggo Dies Fighting A Venomous Snake To Protect Malaysian Family At Home

"Many people claimed that he was a very aggressive dog. But yesterday, he saved us [and] unfortunately we couldn't save him...," said the owner.She said it was a tragic day for her family as they suffered a precious loss in the family."Just a local breed but he meant so much to us," she lamented. "Goodbye and rest in peace, Chiko."Speaking to SAYS, Alice revealed that Chiko had been with... Click […]

today22 May 2020