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[VIDEO] BMW Driver Tries To Run Over A RELA Officer In Front Of A School In Shah Alam

When the BMW car entered the lane from the opposite side, Janagan tried to stop him. The driver, however, refused to listen to his instructions and attempted to run him over.The incident was caught on a shot video which shows the BMW driver hitting Janagan, who was clad in a RELA uniform, before reversing only to move forward despite the RELA officer signalling him to stop.In the video, the BMW […]

today7 May 2021

Social News

What Brought You Joy This Year? We Ask 10 Malaysians To Share Their Stories

'Well, being stuck alone in KL is no fun during the MCO. I felt even sadder especially after getting the news that the CLP exam is postponed till March 2021 T_T To ease my family's burden, I thought, if I sell food, at least that money can be my allowance and pocket money. I decided to sell Peranakan-style Mee Siam (got kuah wan, my great grandma's legendary recipe) and nasi […]

today24 December 2020