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A Group Of 5 Men In Telawi Attacked & Killed A Man With Knives And Broken Beer Bottles

According to Brickfields district police chief ACP Anuar Omar, the assault took place at 1am yesterday during which the victim and his friend were attacked by the group while they were walking to a parking area.The victim and his friend were repeatedly hit with helmets, knives, and broken beer bottles.While the 28-year-old succumbed to his injuries, his 30-year-old friend was severely injured and is still in critical condition at the […]

today14 March 2021

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Taxi Driver & Motorcyclist Brawl With Steering Lock In Damansara Road Rage Incident

It is believed that the rider kept honking at the taxi driver, who pretended to not hear it.At the traffic light, the motorcyclist knocked on the driver's passenger side window, which irked him.The taxi driver took out his steering lock and swung at the rider, managing to hit him on his hand. However, the rider was eventually able to grab the steering lock, taking it away from the driver.What followed […]

today6 March 2021

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[VIDEO] Man Allegedly Starts Massive Brawl In JB Club After His Girlfriend Was Harassed

Police are investigating a viral video of a large-scale brawl at an entertainment centre in Johor that was allegedly started by an angered boyfriend According to Sinar Harian, the incident took place at a club located in Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, Skudai on Monday, 4 January. Johor police chief Datuk Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay said the fight began at about 11.45pm after a woman was harassed. "This caused a commotion. […]

today7 January 2021