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5 Teenagers Record Themselves Slapping And Threatening A School Boy In Johor Bahru

The suspects arrived at the scene to confront the victim, who was talking to his friend.The suspect in the red T-shirt kept slapping him, saying who does he think he is to insult his cousin.When the victim asks why does he keep hitting him, the suspect shoots back at him saying that he will beat him "however I want, who are you gonna bring to protect you".He then goes on […]

today17 April 2021

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“Mana Adalah, Indian Useless” β€” The Hub Coffee Roasters Accused Of Racism & Bullying Staff

At the same time, though, Nicholas commented, "No one is perfect".According to him, the way Joey spoke to Melissa is not correct but she just needs to be taught about having a good character so she can learn and be better."At least, Joey will say sorry and accept what we say that she can't act or speak to people like this in future, she knows she is wrong, she knows […]

today4 March 2021

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Video Shows A Group Of Boys Allegedly Harassing An Elderly Woman Walking Alone At Night

"Ask the PDRM to investigate the incident of bullying by rude youth group against this grandmother," read the caption posted along with the video on the Facebook page of Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS.The popular page uploaded the video on Friday, 2 October, saying the incident happened in Kampung Banggol Pauh, Kelantan. Although, it's not clear when exactly the alleged incident took place.At the time of writing this story, it had received […]

today3 October 2020

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[UPDATE] Missing 12-Year-Old Found Hiding At Home As She Was Getting Bullied In School

Chen's parents said that their daughter had previously told them she was getting bullied at school, but due to her quiet personality, she hardly shared more about it.As far as they knew, she had been getting drenched with water while using the school bathroom three or four times recently.As she was splashed from the outside of the bathroom cubicle, she has never seen her bullies and had... Click here to […]

today16 September 2020