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CafΓ© Owner’s CCTV Footage Doesn’t Show Other Angles Where People Were There

She said that while she does not want to give up, it seems the case is hopeless."I already shared the CCTV footage for proof, the place is not crowded, still, there is no response," Nur Izzati was quoted as saying by Utusan Malaysia.She admitted that while she "was wrong for not wearing face mask right after I stepped out of the car", all she wants is for everyone to know […]

today23 January 2021

Social News

Photos Show 2 Men On A Kapcai Escaping After Allegedly Snatching A Woman’s Gold Chain

According to the victim, the necklace, which she had since her wedding day, is worth RM11,000.The alleged incident happened at about 9.15am on Thursday morning, 22 October, when the victim, B Nagamah, had left her house to throw out the trash and was talking to her neighbour."After throwing the garbage, I went to a neighbour's house located about 100 meters from my house. On the way back, suddenly a motorcycle […]

today25 October 2020