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Home Baker Alleges That 2 Delivery Riders Ate Her Customers’ CNY Cookies

"Both deliveries had different riders, and they seemed to know each other because they were chatting in front of my house after I handed them my customers' cookies," she recounted.Linly said she couldn't believe it when her customers started to send her a barrage of angry messages awhile later."They messaged me 'Is this how you sell your cookies?', 'Your service sucks', 'So disappointed', 'I feel cheated by you', 'Why my […]

today8 February 2021

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Pos Laju Accused Of Eating A Woman’s Goodies From CNY Package

In her Facebook post on 5 February, Jessica, who is from Kuching and works in Kuala Lumpur, alleged that when she received the CNY package, that was packed by her mother, "one of my goodies was half-eaten"."Cellophane tape taken out and it was literally half gone. How can this happen? Does this mean all our packages are unsafe in your care?" she questioned Pos Malaysia in her post that has […]

today7 February 2021

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Where To Find Chinese New Year Cookies And Tarts In Malaysia

Petaling Jaya's Member of Parliament Maria Chin Abdullah started an initiativeΒ to support B40 women in the area. All cookies are made by the women themselves and all profits will be returned to them.You can contact the general number to place an order:+6010-8281550 or contact them individually below.1. +6011-63925746 (Mira) - diamond cookies2. +6014-5387025 (Nurul Aida) - red velvet cookies3. +6018-2308597 (Meera) - chocolate chip cookies4. +6012-6985650 (Aja) - honey cornflake5.... […]

today18 January 2021

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Resepi Chocolate Chip Cookies Crunchy

Tak nak chips or popcorns. Emm, apa kata....Chocolate Chips Cookies Subway? Cookies Subway sentiasa menjadi pilihan anda? RM5 untuk 3 cookies tak cukup kan?Β Dengan resepi ini, boleh buat cookies yang lagi sedap daripada Subway. Hari-hari makan sambil netflix and chill pun takkan habis.Β Cookies yang rangup diluar disisipkan dengan coklat cair yang meleleh. Emm,... Click here to read the full article. Source:

today22 September 2020