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K-Pop Artiste Is Frustrated With Malaysians For Constantly Making Fun Of Her Name

"Why are you doing this to me? Just because my name is your laughing stock? Are you having fun with this?" she said angrily, as quoted by Malay Mail."I am not interested in your language, so it doesn't matter what my name means in your language.""And I didn't know your country, but I don't want to know it anymore," she also wrote in the since-deleted post.Β Babi added that those who... […]

today6 June 2020

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There’s A Fine Line Between Standing Up Against Hatred And Cyberbullying

We start to cross the line when we begin attacking the person instead of the argument or opinion they have.Sending death threats, posting comments like, "Your soul should rot in hell", "God definitely made a mistake in creating you", or "Your parents should have dropped you when you were young", all seem "fair" to say to someone when defending the innocent. But in reality, these... Click here to read the […]

today4 June 2020

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Online Sexual Harassment On The Rise During MCO

Online sexual harassment – or sexual cyberharassment – refers to threatening or harassing messages, of a sexual nature, disseminated via emails, instant messaging services, social media platforms or other digital materials that are posted online.It usually targets a specific person either through direct contact or by the exact opposite methods, such as posting unsavoury content... Click here to read the full article. Source:

today27 May 2020

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KL Gym Accused Of Cyberbullying A Woman Shares Their “Side Of The Story”

Over the week, there was an incident involving a woman and a local gym in which the gym was accused of bullying and shaming the woman after she enquired about its free weight loss programme We reported about the incident via the woman's public posts that she had made on her social media accounts. Meanwhile, our attempts to reach out to the gym for comments were ignored. When we... Click […]

today23 May 2020

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KL Gym Accused Of Bullying A Woman For Enquiring About Its Free Weight Loss Program

In the now-viral post recounting the incident, she said this should not be the way a business responds to customers, even potential ones.She added that she has been struggling with weight loss for a long time."Coming up with courage to even ask for help was huge for me, so to be given this type of response was truly shocking," she wrote. In later comments, she also clarified to... Click here […]

today22 May 2020

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20-Year-Old Woman Dies By Suicide After Allegedly Being Cyberbullied Over Her TikTok Video

The video was filmed by Thivya, which featured her with her Nepali colleague. They worked in a 7-Eleven store together.However, the video was re-shared by several fake Facebook accounts with malicious captions, including one account with 70,000 followers called 'Joker Oruvan'.The victim's elder sister, R Logeswari, told New Straits Times that her sister had been receiving mean comments... Click here to read the full article. Source:

today21 May 2020

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